Energy label – NTA 8800

We provide energy labels for your home or business premises in accordance with the standard and the latest requirements.

What is an energy label?

An energy label provides insight into the energy performance of a building. Based on a score, it becomes clear whether a home / commercial property is sustainable or not. The report shows where and how sustainability can be improved in order to save energy costs. By saving energy you contribute to a healthier environment and at the same time increase your living and working comfort.

The energy label letter is determined on the basis of fossil energy use, expressed in kilowatt hours per square meter per year (kWh / m².yr). The less fossil energy the property uses, the better the energy label. G is the worst energy label and A +++++ is the best. Fossil energy comes from coal, oil and natural gas.

NTA 8800 & new regulations

Since 1 January 2021, an energy label can only be created based on the new measuring method, the NTA 8800. Previously, the NEN7120 method was used to determine the energy performance. The ILT announced that, from the 1st of november, the fines for a missing definitive energylabel will be raised. The ILT also announced that it will, beginning at the first of januari 2022, will do more checks.

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