Artist Impressions

Offers the viewer a 'glimpse' into the future: "This is what it could be like!"

Types of impressions

Object&co has been providing a wide range of products, from stylised images to full impressions, since 2013. If the property or the home is yet to be built, we are happy to provide you with artist’s impressions. If anything needs retouching, our photo editing service could be of interest to you.

  • Artist’s Impressions
  • Room styler
  • Photo editing

As an optional extra, some of our colleagues are able to provide you with customised interior advice too. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

The Artist Impression

A ‘render’, ‘impression’ or perhaps the more familiar name ‘artist’s impression’. An impression is a solution for promoting new builds or for showing what can actually be achieved with a property or building.

To create a successful artist’s impression, we need as much information as possible, such as from:

  • Construction drawings
  • AutoCAD (dwg) files
  • A list of materials and colours

Roomstyling (digital)

Sometimes you have a photo of your home that you would rather not publish. This could be because it contains unwanted furniture or because renovation is required.

The Roomstyler option offers you the option of building a room in 3D on the basis of a floor plan. This means removing all the old furniture and putting new furniture in depending on your preferred style.

Photo editing

We provide professional post-processing of your photos. For example, we retouch existing photos to make them look better, but also provide ‘before’ and ‘after’ virtual impressions. If you don’t have any existing photos, our professional photographers are able to provide photography on your behalf throughout the Netherlands.

Een foto voordat die bewerkt is tot een impressie een bewerkte impressie

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Portfolio of artist’s impressions

Portfolio of artist’s impressions