About us


What is our biggest strength? Our colleagues, each of whom manage their own region as your 'own' regular photographer. They speak your regional language, are familiar with the region and all of them have many years of experience as a photographer.

Our head office offers support to all photographers who operate throughout the Netherlands through Object&co.

Mario van EssenManaging Director

The head office

Why choose Object&co?

We work with independent freelancers and this is a tremendous advantage for both us and you. Our photographers and structural engineers are familiar with your region and speak your language. As a result, you are given a contact you can build on and trust.

The property photographer/surveyor profession is often considered a non-sociable profession. However, all our photographers have a different take on this and actually work for us because of the sociable nature of the work. We visit people in their homes and hear their stories. We record the home for you in a professional manner. This way, we are doing what we are good at whilst alleviating all your concerns.

Our history

Ron Meijer and I founded Object&co together in 2010. A number of estate agents in the ‘t Gooi region were wondering whether their media suppliers could do more than simply their own specialism. They had had enough of multiple suppliers and appointments with home owners (home sellers) on different days. This was the reason why we decided to begin Object&co.

At the time, the main requirements were property photography, floor plans and sometimes a short video, artist’s impressions, a brochure or an energy label. The question was: “Isn’t there a company that can do all this for us?’ This became the concept for Object&co: a ‘one-stop-shop’ property media supplier whose aim it is to take care of the customer’s every need.

A good idea can come from anywhere: it came and we set to work. First of all, Ron and I tested everything out, before setting everything up. In 2019, we operate across four different countries and have grown to almost 150 employees.

Mario van Essen
Managing Director


Our innovations through the years

Our work is ultimately about trust and human contact. In 2020, we have started to shift the focus from ‘Property’ (Object) to 'Co'. Who are our colleagues and why should you get in touch with them?

2020It is all about humans

In 2019, we grew as a company. Many people joined us and head office obtained a few new employees.

2019Object&co grows

Due to increasing regulations in the area of drones, a solution needed to be sought. For this reason, Object&co invested in technology that made it possible to create virtual drone videos, enabling us to ‘fly’ anywhere.

2018We 'fly' everywhere

360-degree cameras reached a new level: 360-degree video cameras. This made it possible to view a home in an entirely virtual manner.

2017The eye sees everything!

The virtual home tours were becoming more accessible and easier to make thanks to the arrival of the Matterport 3D scanner. Object&co soon invested in a few scanners.

2016The Matterport is here.

Laser technology took flight! 3D laser scanning became accessible for business premises.

201530.000 laser beams each second

To give the customer more control over the promotion of a property or home, Object began to launch housing websites: ObjectShow.

2014More freedom with your own website

Impressions were requested with increasing frequency! To continue to satisfy the demand for virtual experiences, Object&co began to provide 360-degree artist’s impressions.

2013We offer you a glimpse into the future

Object&co began to supply virtual housing tours. It was no longer necessary to visit a building, as a client was now able to experience a home from the comfort of their office chair.

2012View a property anywhere on the world

Object&co was the first property supplier to supply NEN 2580 measurement reports, especially for the housing market.

2011To measure is to know, but always according to the rules