NEN 2580 Measurement reports

All our measurement reports comply with NEN 2580 and BBMI regulations.

We have been supplying professional measurement reports for years and are able to guarantee your objectivity, a local contact and a competitive price.

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NEN 2580

A measurement report provides insight into a home or business premises. This could be because the premises or the home are being put on the market. We provide professional reports of your property or home, which are suitable for use on Funda or Funda in Business.

What is a survey?

Object&co has been the go-to agency for reliable NEN 2580 measurement reports for many years now. A measurement report is created once one of our colleagues has surveyed your home. During the survey, all the dimensions of your home are measured using an accurate laser measuring tool. Our back office with architects inspects the drawings and turns them into a measurement report containing 2D and 3D floor plans. Any questions?

Our colleagues

All our property photographers have received full internal training and have been trained to take measurements in accordance with NEN 2580; both for the residential market and for commercial real estate. The surveying of a home often goes hand in hand with photographing it.

Examples of measurement reports

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