A home or property can be sold in several ways! In addition to Funda, there are numerous possibilities for generating attention. We are happy to devise ideas with you!

The options open to you

Imagine you want to sell your home. An important aspect during the sale of your home is marketing: an attractive positioning. Object&co is happy to help you with a range of services that will assist with the sale of your home.

  • Brochures
  • Social Media
  • ObjectShow (mini website)
  • Business cards


A customised brochure means your corporate style, positioning and message in a simply designed document. Whether you want everything customised or require a template to work from, for example, we are happy to help you.

  • A building or property
  • Your organisation
  • A campaign

Social media

It is possible to reach people with a message, for example a building or property can be sold in many different ways. Funda is the obvious choice, but as an estate agent you can also reach people yourself through social media.

Choice of channel and advertising

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and the top search engine of today… YouTube! Advertising doesn’t need to cost a lot and can give you a considerable reach.

ObjectShow (mini website)

An ObjectShow is actually a mini website. All information, photos, videos and measurement reports are easy for a viewer to view, as you have your complete digital brochure in a single URL. ObjectShow supports information about:

  • All types of media and innovations
  • Sunshine
  • Shadow positions
  • Neighbourhood statistics
  • Online bids
  • Protection using a password

Business cards

Business cards are always handy! It might be for contact information, a small beautifully designed hand-out to advertise a property or home.

Request quotation

Sometimes a home requires just that little bit more to sell itself. A good positioning and a well-thought-out marketing plan give just that little bit extra. Please get in touch with us to discuss your personal options.

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